Bridging the Gap


Welcome to FCOB's evangelism training!  We are very glad that you have decided to seek ways to deepen your faith and share the gospel with others. 

If you are just browsing, we pray that this material will encourage you, challenge you, and empower you to be salt and light to this earth.  You can also watch and read the sermons that were shared during the initial worship and evangelism series training that happened in November 2013 at FCOB.

If you are coming here because you have or are participating in the weekly training opportunities, you will find additional information each week below.

In either case, we pray that you will be encouraged...

Week 1 - God's Story is the Best Story

Leadership Guide - Week 1
Video - Week 1

Week 2 - We Faithfully Share the Gospel, God Open's Blind Eyes

Leadership Guide - Week 2
Video - Week 2

Week 3 - Lessons From The Master: How Did Jesus Evangelize

Leadership Guide - Week 3
Video - Week 3

Week 4 - How Does Living Like Jesus Impact Evangelism?

Leadership Guide - Week 4
Video - Week 4
Home Assignment - Week 4

Week 5 - They're Saved! Um...Now What?

Leadership Guide - Week 5
Video - Week 5