Get Involved


The Deaf Fellowship at FCOB is an active and growing congregation. One way for you to feel a part of our community is to get involved. Of course, regular worship each week is a great way to meet others and to begin feeling a part of the whole. However, you may feel like there are too many people on Sunday to connect in meaningful ways. No problem!

Why not participate in a small group Bible study? (Don’t worry about not knowing enough about the Bible; our groups welcome new people and love to help make sure you’re not feeling left behind.)
Or, maybe you enjoy helping others. Why not join us as we serve meals at the local soup kitchen? Do you have a heart for seniors? Why not visit our elderly in their homes?

Of course, our gatherings outside of Sunday mornings are also a great way to create new friendships. Check out our events calendar for upcoming activities. Whether it’s Super Bowl parties or church-wide picnics, you’ll find your place to get involved with us.