What to expect on Sunday mornings:

Haven’t been to church lately (or ever)? Not sure what to wear? Not sure what to expect? Not a problem! Here’s what you’ll find with us:

We worship regularly: Each Sunday, we gather at 11:15AM for worship in the Chapel @FCOB. Consider joining us at 9:45AM for Bible study, then spend some time catching up over coffee or juice at 10:45AM.

We worship visually: All teaching, preaching, song, and drama are conducted in American Sign Language. In addition, instructional and worship media are captioned so that you can participate fully. And worship services are voice-interpreted so that family and friends can worship together.

We worship loudly: “Deaf worship with music?” Absolutely! Many Deaf people enjoy music as a way to express their praise and thanksgiving to the Lord. Our praise team leads the congregation with signed music and dynamic video-lyrics.

We worship casually: Come as you are! You’ll find a wide range of attire for worship, from  business casual to blue jeans—high heels to flip-flops. What matters most is that you’re here…often!