Our Story

You may have just discovered the Deaf Fellowship, but we’ve been a part of your community for over 40 years! We were established in 1971, when three Deaf families and a hearing pastor gathered to dream of a ministry that could reach Deaf people in Frederick. Since then, we’ve been providing a practical, Christ-centered witness to the Deaf community of Frederick and mid-Maryland.

Our vision is simple: we will multiply the number of Deaf people turning to Jesus Christ by multiplying the number of opportunities for spiritual growth and biblical outreach.  Begun as an interpreted ministry, the Deaf Fellowship has since grown to become a "church within a church"—maintaining its sense of close community and cultural distinction, while cherishing its supportive partnership with the greater FCOB family.

Today we’re staffed by a full-time pastor and a multitude of lay-administrative and ministry teams, who serve the Lord, the church family, and the Deaf community through local, national, and international outreach; dynamic worship; Bible teaching; active adult small groups; engaging adult and youth Sunday Schools; and pastoral counseling/lay support.  At the Deaf Fellowship, we’re all about community. We invite you to become a part of this one,  and to experience, perhaps for the first time, the love and promise that Jesus Christ has—especially for you!