A place of welcome for children and their families

Mission Statement

Fcobkids welcomes all children, teaches the Bible faithfully, and partners with parents in helping their children grow into faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.


With the fruit of the Spirit as our guide (Galatians 5:22-23), fcobkids will strive to live by these values: 

1.     Love First: We seek to love in the way Christ loves, with truth, grace and forgiveness
2.     Engage Scripture: We strive to have and give our children a strong foundation in the Bible and to cultivate the expectation of encountering God there.
3.    Embrace Joy:
We choose joy, even when circumstances, anxieties, and unexpected events arise.
4.     Practice Respect: We show respect for all God’s people, being honest in our communication, submissive to God’s will [under authority], and patient with one another
5.     Cultivate Commitment: We work relentlessly to promote the spiritual growth of the children God has given us.

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