What to Expect

What to Expect…


What are the procedures for checking my child in and out?

 Childcare is available during all Sunday services beginning at 8:00AM for preschool age children in the nursery.  Children attending Sunday classes can be checked in beginning at 9:30AM.  The Registration Kiosks for preschool children are located outside the Nursery on the upper level.  Registration for elementary children is in The Landing Lobby on the ground level of the building, just inside the glass doors at the circle entrance off Second Street.

•       As a First Time Visitor, the parent or guardian will fill out a visitor form with information on all children attending.
•       Visitors are given a temporary name tag that needs to be worn at all times.
•       Regular attendees check in at the Registration Desk and then parents or guardians proceed with children to their areas.
•       A security code is assigned to the child and a duplicate sticker is given to the parent or guardian which must be presented at check out, in order for the child to be dismissed.

fcobkids Policies

We recognize the privilege of sharing the Gospel of Jesus with children by providing activities in a safe and caring environment.   Our check-in and registration procedures have been designed to keep children safe and secure. 

Therefore, we ask that children wear their name tag with the security code at all times.  Parents of regular attendees and visitors should keep their matching name tag in a secure place until checking out their children.

According to our policy, teachers and staff must be members of FCOB.  All lay ministers are required to fill out an application with references.  A background check is done on all adults working with minor children.

For a more information on our policies and procedures regarding the safety of our children at FCOB, please contact us at children@fcob.net.


We enjoy having your children attend regularly but understand that illness is unavoidable.  To help keep all children healthy and happy, please keep children at home if they have a fever (100° or higher), thick mucus, or a communicable illness.   



Who will be working with my child? 

We are happy to have people with a heart for children to become Lay Ministers in either the Preschool or Elementary Departments.  A teacher’s primary task is to lead the class in activities that reinforce the main point of the daily lesson by asking questions, leading activities and games, and by interacting with your students.  All staff must participate in training at least 2 times a year.  A teacher will pray for each child in his/her class, contact visitors and absentees when appropriate, and try to connect with each child and his or her particular needs.  The assistant is to support and supplement the teacher’s efforts as well as interact with the students. All teaching lay ministers are active members of FCOB and have gone through background checks.