Spiritual Stairway

A Plan For Cradle to College

FCOB is committed to providing a place for all ages.

FCOB Preschool provides a loving and caring environment for newborn babies through the preschool years (age 5). "Preschool Patch" activities including structured play, "hands on" bible stories, crafts, and songs are designed to help our young explorers understand God's love for them and that He created them with the desire to be their friend forever.

FCOB Children begins with the elementary school age group, kindergarten through grade 5. "The Shepherd’s Landing" provides a high-energy, fun-filled, spiritual way for children to learn God's Word. Children will grow in their knowledge about the realness of God and will soon come to know that Jesus is their Savior. Our young adventurers will eventually come to understand that they are to be the "Body of Christ."

FCOB Students cover the middle and high school years. At FCOB, middle and high school students will learn what it means to be servants. They will come to understand that they must first own their own faith and then become prepared to live it out in their daily lives. Middle and high school students will also actively come together to encourage and develop their faith in Jesus through worship, bible study, mission trips and providing their service to the community.

FCOB College students will reinforce their spiritual growth by learning and "Living in a Global Kingdom."