Doing life together.

g.groups are small groups where young adults experience true community, prayer, and meaningful conversation.  At fcobyoungadults, we believe life was meant to be lived together.  Scripture paints a beautiful picture of what life can be like when love is at the center of everything we do, no matter where you are in the young adult continuum--college or grad student, 20-something, early 30's, or young couple.  

I'm curious about a g.group

What is it and what to expect?

g.groups get their name from a German word, called "Gemiende," borrowed from our anabaptist heritage.  The word Gemiende describes a rich community experience.  We don't have a sufficient word to translate it into English.  We strive to have that kind of community each time we meet.  We want to be real, authentic, and honest.  Each g.group gathering includes times to hang out together, time to pray for eachother, and time explore Scripture.  Some groups meet in homes, and some of them meet on Sunday mornings during the Sunday morning worship experience.  g.groups are not closed!  We are always looking for new people to journey with.

No matter where you are, fcobyoungadults is for you.