Creating a better world.

You look around and know the world is broken.  Poverty, disease, and abuse canvas our global landscape with a cry for wholeness.  We want to address the big problems of the world with boldness and courage.  The Core is about finding unique ways to engage the brokeness of the world.  From going into inner-city DC to work with an after school program, to partnering with FCOB's reverse mission trip from Belarus, we want to create a better world together.  We typically schedule a special mission outreach event every couple months, and you get get information about any service event that might be coming up in the events section.

I want to help create a better world

FCOB's Global Mission's

We are blessed to be a part of a tradition with a long history of service and working towards social justice.  FCOB has amazing mission relationships all over the globe.  We are committed to helping the least of these and make an impact on our world.  If you are interested in checking out more information and connecting in service at FCOB apart from the young adult-specific trips we often take, check out more info HERE.