Bridging the Gap
Bridging the Gap

During this series, we were excited to share a new worship and evangelism series called "Bridging the Gap." Each Sunday, included a focused message encouraging all of us to seek and find ways to engage others in the Gospel story. The Wednesday after each message, training opportunities were offered to dive deeper, learning even more in a large/small group setting at the church. Trained leaders walked through the meaning of evangelism, recognizing where other people may be in their journeys and how to meet them where they are in order to share a message of hope, redemption and transformation in Christ.  Find out more about the curriculum and trainings on the Bridging The Gap webpage.

Sermon Titles for Bridging the Gap Series
10.27.13 - Title: "God's Story is the Best Story," Focus: What is Evangelism and Why Should I Care?, Speaker: Pastor Paul Mundey

11.3.13 - Title: "God Opens Eyes," Focus: We Faithfully Share the Gospel, God Opens Blind Eyes, Speaker: Pastor Brian Messler

11.10.13 - Title: "How Did Jesus Evangelize?," Focus: Lessons From The Master: How Did Jesus Evangelize, Speaker: Pastor Kevin Syes

11.17.13 - Title: "Living Like Jesus," Focus: How Does Living Like Jesus Impact Evangelism?, Speaker: Pastor Paul Mundey

11.24.13 - Title: "They're Saved! Um...Now What?," Focus: We don't just stop with people accepting Jesus, we keep going, encouraging them to be disciples, Speaker: Pastor Sandi Rogers