Kingdom Living With Jesus
Kingdom Living With Jesus

5.21.2017 - Title: “Blessed are the Poor.”  Speaker: Pastor Calvin Park

5.28.2017 - Title:  “Blessed are those who Mourn.” Speaker: Pastor Sandi Rogers

6.4.2017 - Title: “The Supremacy of Jesus.” Speaker: Pastor Lerry Fogle

6.11.2017 -  Title: “The Power of Love.” Speaker: Pastor Lerry Fogle

6.18.2017 -  Title: “Ambassadors for Jesus.” Speaker: Pastor Lerry Fogle

6.25.2017  - Title: “New Life in Jesus.” Speaker: Pastor Calvin Park

7.2.2017 - Title:  “How Change Happens.” Speaker: Pastor Lerry Fogle

7.9.2017 - Title: A Pastor's Passionate Prayer.” Speaker: Pastor Peter C. Myers

7.16.2017 - Title: Our 'If Only' Life.” Speaker: Pastor Gene Hagenberger, Mid-Atlantic District Executive

7.23.2017 - Title:  “Loving Like Jesus Loves Us.” Speaker: Pastor Tim Shatzer

7.30.2017 - Title: The Art of Blameshifting.” Speaker: Pastor Lerry Fogle

8.6.2017 - Title: Building Each Other Up.” Speaker: Pastor Lerry Fogle

8.13.2017 - Title: Recapturing the Vision.” Speaker: Pastor Craig H. Smith

8.20.2017 - Title: Climbing Out of Your Rut.” Pastor Craig H. Smith

8.27.2017 - Title: Tools Needed in Times Of Trial.” Speaker: Pastor Tim Shatzer

9.3.2017 - Title: Burning Bush.” Speaker: Pastor Calvin Park

9.10.2017 - Title: The ALL IN Church.” Speaker: Pastor Craig H. Smith

9.17.2017 - Title: Godly Motivation.” Pastor Craig H. Smith

9.24.2017 - Title: Becoming.” Speaker: Pastor Lerry Fogle

10.1.2017 - Title: Why It’s So Hard to Forgive?” Speaker: Pastor Paul W. Brubaker