Love Came Down: The Advent Story from Matthew-ASL
Love Came Down: The Advent Story from Matthew-ASL

Of all the love stories ever told, the greatest one is what C. S. Lewis called “The Grand Miracle”—the story of the Incarnation.  Christmas. At Christmas, we contemplate what it means that the awesome, limitless, Holy, fearful, infinite God became one of us. A human being. A baby. This God came to us weak and helpless, in the form of an infant out of his love for us. And yet, one of the ironies of modern history is that most people who celebrate around Christmas have never taken the time to hear this love story from the source—God’s word. Our advent study from Matthew’s gospel will aim to do that during these four weeks together.

  • 12.2.2018-Title: "Roots and Stems." Scripture: Matthew 1:1, 17.
  • 12.9.18-Title: "No Better Time." Scripture: Matthew 1:18-25
  • 12.16.18-Title: "Wise Men Still Seek Him." Scripture: Matthew 2:1-12.
  • 12.23.18-Title: "Promise Made-Promise Kept." Scripture: Matthew 2:13-23.
  • 12.24.2018-Title: "A Plan and a Promise." Scripture: Isaiah 53:10.
  • 12.30.2018-Guest Speaker
Promise Made-Promise Kept
Pastor Peter C. Myers | 
January 22, 2019
Matthew 2:13-23
Wise Men Still Seek Him
Pastor Peter C. Myers | 
December 16, 2018
Matthew 2:1-12
No Better Time
Pastor Peter C. Myers | 
December 9, 2018
Matthew 1:18-25
Roots, Stems, and Branches
Pastor Peter C. Myers | 
December 2, 2018
Matthew 1:1