Mary's Journey of Light
Mary's Journey of Light

“Mary’s Journey of Light” is the sermon series for our 2016 Advent Season. We will be following Mary’s Journey of the Christmas Story through the advent candles of Invitation, Preparation, Joy, Celebration, Ponder, and Amazement.

11.27.16 - Title: “Candle of Invitation.” Focus: Mary and Gabriel- Accepting the invitation as a part of God's Plan. Speaker: Pastor Gene Heacock

12.4.16 - Title: “Candle of Preparation.” Focus: Mary and Elizabeth- Opening ourselves to God's preparation in our lives. Speaker: Pastor Sandi Rogers

12.11.16 - Title: “Candle of Joy.” Focus: Mary and Joe- Experiencing Joy as we rest in our relationship with God. Speaker: Pastor Gene Heacock 

12.18.16 - Title: “Candle of Celebration.” Focus: Mary and Jesus- Joining in the celebration of Christ's presence in our lives. Speaker: Pastor Gene Heacock

12.24.16 - Title: “Candle of Ponder.” Focus: Mary- Reflecting on all that is in your heart this Christmas. Speaker: Pastor Gene Heacock

12.25.16 - Title: “Candle of Amazement.” Focus: Mary and Magi- Marveling how ordinary things become extraordinary. Speaker: Pastor Gene Heacock