Prepare Your Hearts
Prepare Your Hearts

3.5.17 - Title: Pause. Speaker: Pastor Sandi Evans Rogers

3.12.17 - Title: Journey of Humility with Jesus. Speaker: Pastor Gene Heacock

3.19.17 -  Title: Sower and the Seeds: Removing Obstacles. Speaker: Pastor Gene Heacock

3.26.17 - Title: Blessed If You Do Them; Brethren Distinctives - Brethren Practices.” Speaker: Pastor Jeff Bach

4.2.17 - Title: “Jesus Tears and Ours.” Speaker: Pastor Gene Heacock

4.9.17 - Title: “Palm Sunday: What's Left When The Parades Over?” Speaker: Pastor Gene Heacock 

4.16.17 - Title: “Easter: Rational Proof, Living Reality.” Speaker: Pastor Gene Heacock

4.23.17 - Title: “Living in Unity.” Speaker: Pastor Gene Heacock

4.30.17 - Title: “Overcome Bitterness.” Speaker: Pastor Gene Heacock

5.7.17 - Title: “God's Sovereignty & Our Pain.” Speaker: Pastor Gene Heacock

5.14.17 - Title: “Apostolic Motherhood.” Speaker: Pastor Gene Heacock