Meet Our Staff

We are truly blessed to have such passionate, talented and dedicated staff at FCOB.


Benedict, Jim, Interim Pastor for Discipleship & Spiritual Formation, 301-662-1819, ext. 21,

Myers, Peter C., Pastor for Deaf Fellowship and FCOB Care, 301-662-1819, ext. 20,

Park, Calvin, Pastor for Youth and Young Adult, 301-662-1819, ext. 14,

Shatzer, Tim, Pastor for Visitation, 301-662-1819, ext. 45,

Smith, Craig, Interim Lead Pastor, 301-662-1819, ext. 11,



Bowman, Janice, Director of Lay Ministry,  301-662-1819, ext. 30,

Crum, Debbie, Administrative Assistant for Pastoral/Staff Support, 301-662-1819, ext. 15,

Davis, Randy, Director of Facilities, 301-662-1819, ext. 25,

Derstine, Paul, General Manager of Church Operations, 301-662-1819, ext. 18, 

Earp, Ruth, Administrative Assistant for Operations, 301-662-1819, ext. 10,

Hanak, Mark, Choir Director and Substitute Organist, 301-662-1819, ext. 71,

Holter, Kristin, Children’s Ministry Administrative Coordinator, 301-662-1819, ext. 24,

Jeffery, Karen, Administrative Assistant for Leadership/Organizational Support, 301-662-1819, ext. 33,

Long, Kathy, Director of Caring Ministries, 301-662-1819, ext. 13,

Lukaszewicz, Katherine, Director of Communications, 301-662-1819, ext. 34,

Myers, Lisa, Accountant, 301-662-1819, ext. 37,

Rhea, Ashley, Preschool Ministry Coordinator, 301-662-1819, ext. 17,

Shively, Jenny, Director of the Learning Center, 301-662-4730, ext. 22,

White, Carey, Manager of Worship and Evangelism Support Services, 301-662-1819. ext. ext. 23,

Zimmerman, Margaret, Elementary Ministry Coordinator, 301-662-1819, ext. 47,

If you wish to be a part of the staff at FCOB, please check out what current positions are open by clicking below. Current Position Openings