Poverty does not just affect inner-cities and 3rd world countries. Many rural communities in the US are in financial hardship. FCOB will be partnering with Crossroads Community Church in Stearns, Kentucky where over one-third of the people are living in need. 
You will get to share the Gospel, and witness to those who may never have heard the Gospel, or even know what Jesus has done for them. We will be working with the Lord's Café to serve meals, talk, and share our stories with those that eat there. There will be opportunities to serve in other ways like leading Bible School and providing assistance to the Laundry Ministry. 
All ages are welcome to join us. This is an opportunity for the whole family to serve and share the Gospel with those who need it. Youth under the age of 18 will need to be accompanied by a guardian. The cost of travel for those attending will be approximately $200. 

How can I serve in Kentucky?

Hygiene and Baby Care Distribution

Provide hygiene care items to adults and babies
Volunteers make sure items are stocked and available for the guests.

Laundry Ministry

Provide money and supplies to assist folks in doing their laundry
Volunteers will provide money and supplies to folks doing their laundry. While waiting you will be able to listen, share and pray with the guests who use this service.

Hair Salon

Provide free haircare
Those with skills provide free haircare to the community and are encouraged to have God-centered conversations with the guests. A license is not required to serve in this area, just some prior skills.

Community Bible School

Lead a Bible School program for children.
Volunteers partner with the local church to lead a Bible School program for the community's children. We provide the curriculum and the materials.

Your leadership is needed!


The meal coordinator coordinates the preparation of breakfast and supper for the mission team each day while at Crossroads.


The  devotion leader will coordinate evening devotions each day while at Crossroads (except Wednesday) for the mission team.


The Bible school coordinator organizes and recruits volunteers to lead Bible school.


The lead beautician will coordinate volunteers at the hair salon.

How you can support the team

You can still play an important role in serving the people of Stearns without attending. We need the following donations

Clothes and Hygiene Products

You can donate new or gently used clothing items. We also will need hygiene items for all ages, babies to adults. All of these items will be handed out to those who need them in Stearns. 

Food Donations for the Team and Community Cookout

The team will be responsible for feeding themselves breakfast and supper. We will need food items for our morning and evening meals. We will also need donations for the community cookout. Cookout foods we will be looking for are hotdogs and rolls, boxes of mac-n-cheese, drinks, and popcorn.

Bible School Craft Items and Snacks

We are taking donations for crafts and snacks for the Bible school we will be hosting with Crossroads in Stearns, Kentucky. 

Financial Contributions

You can contribute financially to The Lord's Café and the FCOB Mission Scholarship fund. Everything you donate will be used to serve this mission. It will help people have a chance to serve and allow The Lord's Café better serve Stearns.

Trip Planners Needed.

Meal Planner

If you are unable to attend but want to help the mission team. Another way to assist is to help plan the meals that the mission team will be having. We need to have 12 meals planned. 6 meals for breakfast and 6 for dinner. 

Donation Coordinator

Another volunteer we need is a donation coordinator. They will help organize and drive donation efforts for what we will need in Stearns, Kentucky.
Donations will be both physical and financial donations

Let's work together.

We'd love to have you join us. Let us know what questions you may have!