Here are just some of the many ministries that are active and in which you can serve at FCOB:

Interested in volunteering with the Frederick Rescue Mission? 

One point of our mission is to reach those locally and globally. One way that FCOB gives back is volunteering with the Frederick Rescue Mission. If you have interest in serving with the Rescue Mission follow the link and volunteer for a day that fits your schedule!
If you are interested in volunteering, and have not gone through orientation. Contact for more information.

Golden Mile Giveaway on June 6
Home Depot on Rt. 40W

The Rescue Mission is taking their ministry out on the road! On Monday, June 6th, the Frederick Rescue Mission is hosting a Golden Mile Giveaway - distributing food and other items from the Home Depot parking lot on route 40 west.  40+ volunteers are needed to make this ministry happen.  And if you are somewhat fluent in Spanish, your presence would make a huge difference in this area.  

There are 2 shifts where you can volunteer:
  • 230p - 430p
  • 430p - 630p

And there are specific areas where you can volunteer:
  • Prayer team members will be walking to the cars and asking if there are needs and if we can pray with them. We could really use bilingual volunteers for this task. 
  • Food distribution will need help directing traffic, counting families, and putting bags of food in the cars. 
  • The clothing and toiletries tables volunteers will be assisting the community by handing out supplies and restocking the table with supplies.

If you would like more information or are ready to volunteer, contact the church
Pastor Greg


Our community is large and very diverse, we have many different ministries you can be involved in. Let us know if we missed something!