Hands Off - 11 AM Service

Jun 4, 2023    Peter C. Myers

Often, life can seem messy; there are unexpected problems, difficult obstacles, and seemingly impossible choices. Welcome to life in a fallen world—a world that is groaning—waiting to be redeemed. And, as you’ve likely experienced, the brokenness of our world makes itself known in your home, at your work, in your relationships, and even within your church family. Being God’s child doesn’t exempt you from the world’s fallenness. It never has. And yet, God has chosen for His people to live and thrive here.

The apostle Paul wrote to a group of Christians in Corinth who were challenged—just as we are today. And because of the depth of their challenges, he had to address some difficult issues head-on: divisions in the church, divisions caused by the “cult of personality,” divorce and remarriage, gender roles in the church, the place of spiritual gifts, sexuality, church discipline, lawsuits, Christian liberty—among other equally messy issues that are tackled in 1 Corinthians. And ultimately, Paul makes clear that the gospel is able to answer each one of those difficulties. In fact, there is no difficulty that cannot be answered by the gospel; it can reach the deepest, darkest issues of our lives.