Deaf missions


The Deaf Fellowship is involved in sharing the love of Jesus all over our community, our nation, and our world.
Deaf Missions is a national and international Christian mission we support financially and prayerfully. This organization, based out of Council Bluffs, Iowa, is dedicated to helping deaf people SEE Jesus Christ in sign language, so they may accept Him as their Savior and growth in Him. This mission reaches out to thousands of deaf people, as well as hearing people in the deaf community, in the United States and Canada and more than 80 other countries. Deaf Mission’s greatest resource is putting God’s Word into VISUAL media so deaf people and sign language users can grow in their faith using the language they love and understand – American Sign Language.
We, at Deaf Fellowship, partner with American Ministries to the Deaf (AMD) in supporting the Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf, which is located on the hills of St. James in Jamaica.  Because there are very few services for children who are deaf and hard of hearing and even fewer resources for their families, who are often very poor, JCSD is one of several schools that strive to educate deaf and hard of hearing children, as well as children with other disabilities.
  • Provides education for deaf and hard of hearing children from preschool up to 21 years using sign language as the main language of instruction
  • Gives a faith-based education by encouraging each student to develop a life-long relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Offers a safe and clean place for deaf students to socialize, learn, eat and sleep.
  • Depends heavily on donations from churches like ours to keep their classes going, their staff well-supported and their facilities up-to-date.
  • Has a neat and exciting project in the works – a new preschool building that will educate and house JCSD’s youngest learners!


Love Belarus is another global mission which we support not just financially, but wholeheartedly, by welcoming deaf children from orphanages in Belarus to come and live with us for 6 weeks each summer. During these 6 weeks, these deaf children, still impacted by the Chernobyl disaster decades ago, are shown God’s abundant love, and receive much needed medical, audiological, dental and many other kinds of services needed to help them grow physically and emotionally.  Love Belarus also serves hearing children who are orphaned. We work with FCOB Global Missions on these worthy mission efforts.