School, Practice, Homework.
School, Practice, Homework.
Rinse and Repeat.

Your life is busy, and you know there is more to life than the never-ending barrage of school activities and sports.  We welcome you to break out from your routine and find yourself part of something bigger.  We believe that God has a plan and story for your life that is more amazing than anything that you could imagine.  Go ahead, dream.  Now, remember that God has something even better.  Are you on board?
Our Youth Ministry Program for grades 6-12: 
  • Christian Ed Sunday Mornings – 9:45am
  • Sunday Night Recharge – Most Sunday Nights 6:00-7:30 pm  Games, worship music, fun, snacks, middle and high school students….what more can you want? Pastor Josh leads our students. Invite your neighbors, teammates and friends - It’s a really good way to start your week!!  
    • Last Recharge is May 22 for the school year.  It will return at the start of the 2022-2023 school year.

Summertime Schedule

 Greetings Parents, Guardians, and Youth,
Recharge will be held on May 15th and May 22nd!

On May 31st there is an opportunity for the youth that would like to learn more about the praise team and what leading worship means/looks like to partake in! On May 31st at 6:30pm youth interested in praise team ministry are encouraged to attend the adult praise team rehearsal to begin some mentoring, teaching, praying, leading, and understanding the corporate worship process. Eventually, all of this will lead to the PowerUp Wednesday Youth Praise Team worship events on July 13th and 27th and August 10th and 24th!

June 5th will be graduation Sunday with a end of school year party from 6pm to 8pm!
June 19th will be a one night Bible Study from 6pm to 8pm!
June 26th we will have a Nerf Blast from 6pm to 8pm!

July 17th will be a Movie Night starting at 6pm!
July 31st will be Q+A Night from 6pm to 8pm!

August 7th will be hide n' seek in the dark from 7pm to 9:30pm!
August 14th will be the back to school party from 6pm to 8pm!

Then in September we will have the overnighter!
More details about these events will be coming shortly!